Itasca Fest: Washington Park’s Premier Summer Event

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Nestled in the heart of Illinois, the quaint town of Itasca is buzzing with excitement, as it’s time for the annual Itasca Fest! The event, which runs from July 6th to 9th, promises four days of unlimited fun, live music, games, and a carnival atmosphere that’s bound to captivate both locals and visitors alike.

Hosted at the scenic Washington Park, at the intersection of Irving Park Road and Rush Street, Itasca Fest is a collaboration between the Itasca Lions Club and Fantasy Amusement Company. The longstanding tradition of this festival, with over 35 years of jubilant celebrations, stands as a testament to its popularity and the community’s spirit of togetherness.

When is the Itasca Fest? Look no further! The highly anticipated Itasca Fest 2022 is just around the corner, offering a whirlwind of excitement for attendees of all ages. Organized jointly by the Itasca Lions and Fantasy Amusement Co., the festival will light up Washington Park at the intersection of Irving and Rush from July 6-9.

A Feast for Fun Seekers

Itasca Fest is not just a simple event, but a kaleidoscope of experiences that cater to fun-seekers of every kind. The carnival rides are often the centerpiece of the celebration for many. They range from the heart-stopping and pulse-pounding attractions designed to deliver a shot of pure adrenaline to the more serene, swaying rides that let attendees enjoy the scenery in a relaxed manner. The “Unlimited Ride Specials” are a boon for true ride enthusiasts. Available during specific days and times, they allow visitors to immerse themselves in the joy of these attractions over and over again, all without the worry of overspending.

Beyond the sky-high attractions, the fest offers an impressive array of ground-based games and activities. Whether you fancy yourself as a sharpshooter aiming for that perfect score or want to showcase your might in strength-based challenges, Itasca Fest has got you covered. These games, paired with the vast selection of free entertainment options, guarantee that boredom is a word you’ll forget during your time at the festival. From live performances to spontaneous acts that pop up around the venue, every moment spent here is bound to be packed with excitement and merriment.

Itasca Fest 2022 Bands

No fest is complete without a range of delectable treats, and Itasca Fest doesn’t disappoint. From classic carnival food to more gourmet options, there’s something to satiate every palate. Moreover, for the adults in the crowd, the beer garden provides a perfect spot to relax and enjoy a cold brew.

But what truly sets the ambiance is the live music. With bands like “Petty Kings”, “Sealed with a Kiss”, “Boy Band Review”, “Kashmir”, “Keith Semple”, “Form”, “Throwback Jukebox”, and “Think Floyd”, the fest promises a musical journey that caters to diverse tastes. From pop and rock to throwback tunes, the evenings at Itasca Fest are bound to get your feet tapping.

An aerial view of the festive grounds at Itasca Fest, colorful carnival rides, tents, and booths, set against a backdrop of green trees and residential houses.

Bingo Nights and Special Discounts

Bingo has always been a beloved game that brings together participants of all ages in anticipation of that winning combination. At Itasca Fest, Bingo isn’t just a side activity – it’s an event in itself. Scheduled on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings, these Bingo sessions offer a delightful retreat from the outdoor bustle. Set indoors, the air-conditioned environment ensures that players can focus on their game cards without breaking a sweat. With each number called out, the anticipation builds, and the lucky winners can look forward to attractive prizes that add even more joy to their festival experience.

Budget-conscious attendees or those who envision making the most out of the fest by visiting on multiple days have a reason to rejoice as well. The “Early Bird Discount” is a boon for families and frequent attendees. This exclusive offer is not just limited to the fest’s entrance but is conveniently available at several locales around Itasca. Notable spots like the Itasca Library and the Village Hall are among the places where you can avail of this discount. By capitalizing on this deal, festival-goers can ensure they experience all the attractions while also being kind to their wallets.

Connect and Celebrate

In this digital age, staying connected is easier than ever. Follow Itasca Fest on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to stay updated with the latest news, schedules, and special announcements. With handles such as @itascalions and @itasca.lions, the fest ensures you’re always in the loop.


In conclusion, Itasca Fest is not just a local carnival; it’s a celebration of community, joy, and togetherness. Whether you’re a resident of Itasca or a visitor, the fest promises memories that you’ll cherish for years to come. So, mark your calendars, gather your loved ones, and get ready for a roller-coaster of fun and frolic.

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