What to see in Dallas

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The city of Dallas is one of the largest metropolitan areas in the United States, located in the state of Texas. It has an excellent infrastructure, financial and banking activity. Also here is a great opportunity to enrich your knowledge about the history and culture of different countries and continents, as there are many exhibitions in museums that tell about life and history of countries.

The history of the city begins at the time of its founding, which is in 1841. It was done by John Bryan. Of course, the American city did not immediately become a metropolis. It was originally a miniature village inhabited by Native Americans from the tribes of the northern part of the country.

History of the city

The city probably got its name after a famous vice president of the United States with the same last name. In 1856 Dallas grew from a small township to city status. It received its first recognition thanks to the successful completion of the railroad. After this event the city became important in commerce and transportation of raw materials.

Dallas was originally known for the cotton trade. By 1900 the largest cotton market in the country had opened there. In 1930 an oil field was discovered nearby, and the city prospered thanks to the oil industry, unlike Detroit.

We saw how great the infrastructure is in Dallas. The metropolis has significant cultural values and an excellent education system. The cultural center of Texas has many prestigious educational institutions for higher and secondary education.

Popular Attractions

Every city has its paradises that we love to consider as we walk, tour and travel. Traveling through the famous American metropolis, we can also take a look at the sights of Dallas.

So, let’s take a look at the most popular attractions in Dallas:

  • Museum of Fine Arts. It has been in operation since 1903. Presents to visitors a variety of different exhibits. Since 1984, the museum has settled in the heart of the city. Collected in its reserve numerous collections reflecting the history of various continents of the world.
  • Lookout Tower “Reunion Tower. Its height is 171 meters. The tower is built in the shape of a balloon, making it one of the main attractions in Dallas. The top is the observation deck, bars, and restaurants. The view from the top is amazing – we could see almost all the charms of Texas.
  • The Bank of America Plaza skyscraper. This is the tallest landmark in Dallas. This building is 280 meters tall and consists of 72 stories. Bank of America is also the 3rd tallest skyscraper in the whole state. It was built in 1983.
  • White Rock Lake. A picturesque attraction where we can afford to relax and unwind. This man-made water resource laps its picturesque shores, with park-like recreation areas and a botanical garden along the line.
  • Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge. This bridge is built over the expanse of Dallas’ main water resource, the Trinity River. The bridge also offers great views of the city and the river itself.
  • Fair Park. The most striking attraction. The park covers an area of about 1 square kilometer. Thanks to the 9 museums located in the park, you will learn about history and culture, as well as get aesthetic pleasure.
  • Sixth Floor Museum. A favorite place for tourists because it is associated with the event that made Dallas famous-the Kennedy assassination. It is believed that the assassination took place from this very building, from the sixth floor window.

As we can see, the sights of Dallas will tell us a lot about the city itself and its historical values. Like any other country, the U.S. has many wonderful metropolitan areas and sights to see, and Dallas is no exception. How wonderful it will be to capture the beautiful moments and scenic spots in photos!

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